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If you or a loved one has been arrested in Charleston County, look no further than Liza Davis Bail Bonds. Our experienced and licensed bail bondsmen have the knowledge and resources to help you get out of jail quickly and affordably. We understand that nobody expects to be behind bars, so we strive to make the process as simple and painless as possible.
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No matter what you’re charged with, our team is here to provide the support and assistance you need. Don’t hesitate – let us put our expertise to work for you!

What are Bail Bonds?

When someone is arrested in Charleston, they are taken to the station for identification and fingerprinting.
Afterwards, a judge sets the amount of bail needed to leave jail until their court date.
The cost of bail can be high and it usually depends on the location, accusation, and criminal history of the defendant.
People who cannot afford to pay the bail amount can contact a Charleston Bail Bond Agent to cover their payment.
In return, the defendant has to promise that they will show up for court; otherwise, they would lose any collateral held in bond.
This is known as surety and it ensures that defendants appear for court hearings.

How Do I Get a Bail Bond in Charleston?

Connecting with Liza Davis Bail Bonds in Charleston, SC, offers an effortless way of obtaining a bond.
We have close relationships with local law enforcement to ensure clients obtain their freedom quickly and easily. Our agents handle all the necessary paperwork so that you can concentrate on making your way back home. Payment options for Charleston bail bonds include cash, credit card, money order, and Western Union Quick Collect.

How Much Are Charleston Bail Bonds?

In Charleston County, depending on the case, a person can anticipate paying a few hundred to several thousand dollars for their bail bond.
The exact amount cannot be determined without case-specific information.
For example, misdemeanor DUI charges could require up to $10,000 in bail bond fees, while felony DUI charges would demand five times that amount.
If individuals do not know the exact amount required, our team of agents can make contact with the jail and provide other necessary information.
Clients can schedule an appointment by phone or at our Charleston location to discuss their situation and options further.

What Determines the Amount of My Bail?

When making the decision on bail, a judge must take into account multiple factors.
These consist of evaluating the defendant’s criminal background, determining whether they are likely to flee, assessing familial obligations and any ties to the community, as well as any potential threat posed to public safety. All of these elements play a vital role in deciding an individual’s bail amount. When you are released on bail, there may be some conditions that you must adhere to in order for the bond to remain valid.This could include travel restrictions, firearm limitations and no-contact directives. Failing to abide by these conditions can result in your return to jail.
Bail Bonds Charleston County can provide more information about what is expected of you when you are released on bail.

Charleston County Bail Bonds Process

Once the bail hearing has been concluded and a bail amount set, you can find that information on the Charleston County Sheriff’s Department’s website or by calling the jail. At that point, you can visit our Charleston County location to initiate proceedings for the release of your loved one.
In addition to knowing their bail amount, there are other details required such as the defendant’s name, date of birth and booking number.
We can help you understand what is needed for a successful release, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.
By working with us, your loved one may be released from jail in just a few hours!
We take pride in our ability to provide fast and reliable bail bond services to the residents of Charleston County.
If you require our assistance, contact us now for more information.
We’re here to help!

In addition to knowing the bail bonds amount, you will also need to know:

At Bail Bonds Charleston County, we need to know the charge that the person is facing, the jail where they are being held, their date of birth, and full name along with their booking number.
With this information on hand, our team can swiftly take action to assist in getting your relative out of prison.

At Liza Davis Bail Bonds, your case can be processed in a speedy 30 minutes.
Our team will review the bond contract with you so that you comprehend all its terms and conditions fully. With our efficient service and friendly approach, Charleston County locals rely on us for their bail bond requirements.

Can I Get My Money Back?

When a defendant is released on bail, the premium paid to the bonding office is not typically refunded. Rather, it serves as the guarantee for their release from jail.
Bail Bonds Charleston County can provide assistance with this process and ensure that those who need bail bonds services receive them quickly and effectively.

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