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Liza Davis Bail Bonds North Myrtle Beach South Carolina provides fast and affordable 24/7 bail bond services. Our experienced bail agents are available around the clock, seven days a week.
We take pride in offering top-notch service with the lowest prices and most convenient payment plans.

When it comes to South Carolina Bail Bonds, our specialists have you covered.

We understand that being arrested is not something most people plan for and depending on the violation can result in an arrest.
This can leave you with lots of questions like: “How can I get them out quickly?”
Don’t worry, we specialize in bail bonds in South Carolina and are here to help.
Let us take the stress off your shoulders and handle the bail bondsman South Carolina process for you.

Liza Davis Bail Bonds has gained valuable experience in the bail industry and knows how South Carolina’s prison system works.

Our team is well versed in handling all types of bail bonds to help ease your worries or uncertainties about what happens during an arrest and jail process.
To aid you further, here is a brief description of the typical sequence of events.

When arrested in South Carolina, you can expect to be taken to the local Sheriff Department for booking.

Once there, your fingerprints and photograph will be taken and you will be searched before being placed in a holding cell.
Your release from jail while awaiting trial will only be possible if you post the bail bonds set by the judge after hearing the charges.

The amount of the bonds will depend on the judge’s assessment.

In order to be released, you must go before a judge and have your South Carolina Bail Bonds accepted.

It is important to understand that the bail bond process in South Carolina requires the services of a reputable bail bondsman who can provide assistance and guidance throughout the entire process.
A Bail Bondsman South Carolina will be able to provide you with the resources and expertise needed to ensure your release from jail is as swift and stress-free as possible.

After being booked and processed, the defendant may be allowed to leave jail by posting a South Carolina Bail Bond.

These bonds are available round-the-clock and can be utilized in order to secure freedom from incarceration.
It is possible, however, that some defendants may not receive bond from the court and as a result remain incarcerated.
In this instance, the Bail Bondsman in South Carolina would be unable to assist in the release.

Liza Davis Bail Bonds is your source for fast jail release in South Carolina.

We can arrange a confidential and professional bail bond service that ensures the swift release of your loved one or friend.
Plus, we offer no credit check bail bonds and easy payment plans.
Get quick and reliable bail bond services from our experienced agents today!

Choose Us For The Best Outcome.

Our Expertise Of The Legal System And Bail Bonds Management, Will Provide You With Comfort Every Step Of The Way.
Not Only Do We Offer Years Of Experience In This Field, We Also Provide Free Evaluations Where All Necessary Information Is Clearly Explained To You.
Plus, We Feature No Credit Check Bail Bonds And Have Convenient Payment Plans Available 24/7.
When You Are Searching For A Quick, Economical And Skilled South Carolina Bail Bonds Company Nearby To Work With, It Is Imperative That You Understand How The South Carolina Bail Bonds Process Works.

We Are Here To Address Any Questions And Supply All The Information You Need To Know Regarding The Entire Bail Bonds Process.

At Liza Davis Bail Bonds, we provide South Carolina with the most cost-effective bail bond services.
By utilizing our services, you will be able to make use of the necessary time required to prepare and present an effective defense against your charges.
It is not possible to adequately prepare while in custody; a swift release gives you access to legal counsel and the opportunity to construct a solid defense.
With our services, you can make sure you have sufficient time for your trial without further damaging your case.
We are here to help with South Carolina bail bonds and bail bondsman services.

Rely on Liza Davis Bail Bonds for the best bail bonds service in South Carolina.

We understand that getting out of jail can be confusing, but our experienced agents are here 24/7 to make sure you get released quickly and easily.
We strive to build a trusting relationship with each client from the moment we are contacted and always prioritize our clients’ needs.
We believe everyone is innocent until proven guilty and have been providing affordable services throughout the state for 16 years.

What Is Bail & How Does Bail Work?

Getting someone out of jail requires paying a set bail amount to ensure that the defendant will appear in court on their scheduled dates.
This is known as a bail bond. A court judge sets the bail amount and related conditions within 48 hours after an arrest occurs.
To post bail, the defendant can either pay in cash or arrange for a bond through a South Carolina Bail Bonds Company.
This written promise must be followed from the time of release until their court date appearance.
Paying bail ensures compliance with these conditions so that the defendant may work on making his or her defense. ​

At Liza Davis Bail Bonds, we offer our services in South Carolina 24/7.

Our experienced bail bondsman are available around the clock to provide you with timely assistance whenever you need it most.
Whether your arrest happens during the day or night, you can trust us to help you secure your release from jail quickly and conveniently.
With our South Carolina bail bonds services, you can get back to your life and take care of the important tasks that were halted by your arrest.
We are here for you any time you need us.

Take Advantage Of Our Bail Bonds Service For Added Flexibility & Convenience.

As A Highly Dependable South Carolina Bail Bonds Company, We Provide Plenty Of Ways To Post A Bail Bond.
Not Only Can You Contact Us On Short Notice, But We Also Offer Appointments For Those Who Prefer It.
Additionally, If You Are Unable To Come To Us, We Have Online Forms That Allow You To Submit A Bail Bond From The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office.
Make Sure To Take Advantage Of Our South Carolina Bail Bondsman Services Today!

Low Down Payments

Our South Carolina Bail Bonds Professionals Can Help You Secure Release From Jail At The Lowest Price Allowed By State Law.
If Necessary, Financing Is Available For Flexible Payment Options So You Or Your Loved One Can Be Released As Quickly As Possible.
Our Agents Will Guide You Through The Entire Process To Make It Easier For You, And Can Be Reached At Anytime Of Day Or Night.
Let Us Help To Simplify Your Current Circumstances So You Can Move On With Life.

How To Bail Someone Out Of Jail.

If you or someone you know have been arrested in South Carolina and booked into jail, the first step is to call a bail bondsman.
When you contact us, we’ll need certain information in order to get the process started as quickly as possible.
This includes details regarding where the person is being detained, as well as other required data.
With this information, we can start the process of getting them released via a South Carolina bail bond.
We understand how stressful this situation can be and strive to make the process as simple and efficient as possible.
Reach out to us now for help with your Bail Bonds South Carolina needs.

– Full legal name of person in custody?

– Birthdate?

– Social security number of defendant (if possible)?

– Address of defendant (if possible)?

– Where are they being detained?

– Which jail are they in? Is this a city, county, or correctional facility?

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information!
We can help get it for you with our South Carolina Bail Bonds and Bail Bondsman South Carolina services.
Contact us today to start the process.

– Gather information about the arrested individual, including their full and legal name and date of birth.

– Ask who will be co-signing for the bond.

– Discuss payment methods with you.

– Find out the charge against the accused.

– Obtain the booking number associated with the case.

– Find out the arresting agency involved in the arrest.

– Get an estimate of the bail amount.

One of our South Carolina bail bondsmen will gather information about the arrested person, including the reason for their arrest, full and legal name, date of birth and who will be co-signing.
Depending on how they were arrested, either the local Sheriff’s Department or a judge has set an amount for bail bond that must be paid before their release.
Our bail bond agency will then call the Sheriff’s Department or jail to confirm this amount so that payment can be arranged.

This Is The Simplest Step.

During Our Call With You, One Of Our South Carolina Bail Bondsmen Will Gather Information Regarding The Arrested Person, Such As Their Reason For The Arrest, Full And Legal Name And Date Of Birth.
Additionally They Will Ask Who Is Co-Signing The Bond And Discuss Payment Options Available.
We Will Then Take Care Of All Necessary Paperwork At The Jail, And Payment Can Be Made For The Bail Bond.
Once Everything Is Processed, Typically Within 30-45 Minutes, The Arrested Individual Will Have Their Photograph Taken, Fingerprinted And Sign Any Needed Documents.
Then They Will Finally Be Reunited With Their Loved Ones.

The Final Step Is Perhaps The Most Important.

Our experienced South Carolina Bail Bondsmen will help you through the entire process, gathering the needed information about the arrested individual and discussing payment methods with you.
We will also need to know the charge, booking number, and arresting agency as well as the bail amount.
The defendant must appear at all assigned courts or they risk being subject to arrest again and returned to jail.
Once the case is complete, the bond will be exonerated regardless of its disposition.
Let us help you secure your friend or family member’s freedom today – contact our Bail Bondsman now.

Getting Your Bail Bonds Money Back In South Carolina?

When you call one of our South Carolina Bail Bondsmen, they may ask for a variety of information such as the charged offense, booking number, arresting agency and bail amount.
One question that is commonly asked is whether you will be able to get your money back after posting bail?
For larger crimes such as murder cases, coming up with bail money can be a difficult task.
However, in most cases, the individual who provided the money for the bail bonds may receive some or all of their money back when the court case is completed.

Here is how it works.

It Will Depends On The Circumstances
During our call to you, one of our South Carolina Bail Bond professionals will gather information about the arrested individual such as the charge, booking number, arresting agency and bail amount.
Depending on the severity of the crime and history of the person in question, the bail price can range from being low to high and there are various ways to pay it.
Additionally, the stipulations of getting your money refunded can be affected by how you choose to pay.
In any case, our South Carolina Bail Bond agents will walk you through the entire process and make sure that you are in agreement with all details before signing off on anything.

Services All Types Of Bail Bonds.

We are committed to providing a comprehensive set of solutions for any type of bail bond you may require.
Every case is different and with us, you can trust that all variations of South Carolina Bail Bonds are taken into consideration.
Our experienced Bail Bondsmen in South Carolina will work closely with you to determine the best plan for your unique situation.
From the charge details, to the booking number and arresting agency, we have you covered.
We will also discuss payment methods with you so that your bail bond experience is as smooth as possible.