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Probation Violation Bail Bonds South Carolina

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Probation Violation Bail Bonds South Carolina

Bail Bonds Probation Violation

Are you aware that a probation sentence can last up to three years?
Whether parole is granted as an alternative to serving out a prison sentence or it follows one, it is important to abide by its conditions.
Should you break the terms of your parole, this could be considered a serious offence and result in spending time behind bars again – quickly.
To help avoid such severe repercussions, it’s key to understand what options are available to you when you face a potential violation.
One of these options may include probation violation bail bonds. Continue reading the article for further information.

Steps Following Violation of Probation

When a probation violation is committed, it’s the responsibility of the parole officer to inform the judge. This leads to either a Motion of Revoke Probation or Motion to Adjudicate being put forward by the court.
Both these motions signal that an individual has broken their release conditions and jail time may be necessary as a result.
A warrant for arrest is subsequently issued and detainees are held in custody until their court date where further decisions will be made.

This is why Bail Bonds can provide such invaluable assistance if you’ve been arrested due to a Probation Violation – they have the experience and resources needed to secure your bail until your hearing.
In this way, they guarantee your freedom until your case is resolved in court. It’s important to understand the potential consequences of a Probation Violation as well as the possible solutions available.

Bail and Probation Violation

When it comes to bail and probation violation, the decision whether or not a bond is issued lies entirely with the judge in charge of the case.
Generally speaking, those on regular probation do not have an automatic right to be granted a bond – however, judges may set one according to their own discretion.
On the other hand, for those on deferred adjudication probation, they are entitled to a bond but some judges will typically set it at a higher rate as a means of deterrence.
In determining what your bond should be, the judge will take into account multiple factors such as the criminal offense committed, any extenuating circumstances related to your case and also assess your character and mental condition before making their decision.

Probation Violation Bail Bonds Benefits

Bail amounts for probation violations are usually substantial due to the severity of the offence.
If you have been granted bail, a bail bond can help you cover the cost so that you don’t have to remain in jail while awaiting trial. It’s important to understand any changes in parole conditions that may occur as a result of your violation, as these will affect your case and its outcome.
A bail bonds company can provide further insight into these matters and guide you through the process.

Help With Probation Violation, SC

If you have violated your probation in SC, you may be subject to serious punishments.
To avoid jail time while awaiting your court case, a high bail set by the judge can be paid with a probation violation bail bond.
We provide the best rates and are available 24/7 to assist you in understanding this process. Get in touch today for more details.