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Understanding Failure To Appear Crimes

Police make more than 10 million arrests each year. Depending on the charges, many of these individuals may be asked to post bail and return for court appearance at a later date.
If they do not show up, they are liable to face charges of bail jumping or failure to appear.
A judge will usually issue a bench warrant in response. Understanding the potential consequences of failing to appear in court is important in avoiding them.
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What You Lose By Failing to Appear

In South Carolina, a judge may set a bail amount that many people are unable to pay.
A solution to this is working with a bail bonding agency who can help you pay for the cost of your bail.
Typically, this involves paying a percentage – such as 10 percent – of the total amount required.
However, signing an agreement with the bond agency also requires being aware of any circumstances in which you fail to appear; if so, it will be considered a breach of contract.

Missing your court date can have serious consequences beyond the financial hit of losing the money you put up for bail.
If you don’t appear in court, you risk being charged with another offense and will likely find it difficult to get a bail bonds agency to do business with you again.
Refusing to show up can quickly spiral into a situation where your future is out of your hands. It’s important to take failure to appear charges seriously and not miss any court dates.

How to Get Out of Going to Court

If you were released on bail but somehow can’t attend the court hearing, there are a few scenarios that could explain it.
The prosecution must prove your failure to show up was intentional; if you had a valid reason why you couldn’t go or made an effort to show up, then they may let it slide.
On the other hand, if the date of the hearing got changed without informing you, your chances of winning leniency increase.
Judges don’t take kindly to those who willingly go against the bail system’s rules and will likely penalize them for it.
Nevertheless, judges understand that the system isn’t perfect and would prefer not to incarcerate someone without just cause. It is important for defendants to abide by these laws wherever possible.

Avoiding a Failure to Appear Charge

Taking precautions is key to preventing a Failure To Appear charge.
Planning ahead can make the tumultuous time after an arrest much easier.
If you have any questions or concerns about bail bonds, our team of experts is readily available to help guide you through the process – don’t hesitate to reach out! Understanding Failure To Appear Crimes and Bail Bonds Failure To Appear are essential for avoiding legal repercussions.
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