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Assault Bail Bonds South Carolina

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Assault Bail Bonds South Carolina

Arrested for Assault in South Carolina?

South Carolina – Assault Bail Bonds offers several different degrees of bail bonds in the state of South Carolina.
If you, or somebody close to you, has been apprehended and needs a bail bond for an assault charge in SC, contact one of our experienced bail bondsmen immediately.
Our agents are available 24/7 to determine your bail amount and post it when required. Once posted, you’ll be provided with a new court date and continued hearing until the case is resolved.
Reach out to Liza Davis Bail Bonds today to speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals about your situation.
In serious cases resulting in property damage, bodily injury, child abuse, physical contact or sexual violence charges may apply – leading up to a possible arrest and trial before a judge.

Types Of Assault Bail Bonds in South Carolina

The conditions set forth in an assault bail bond serve to protect the victim from any further harassment.
These conditions typically include a personal protection order, which may contain a no-contact provision that bars the defendant from contacting the victim(s) through any means.
The cost of such a bond will depend on the degree of assault being charged; from third degree (Misdemeanor Class A) to first degree (Felony).
As such, it is important to be aware of any and all potential stipulations in order to ensure a safe outcome for both parties involved.

Simple Assault

If an individual intentionally applies force to another person without their consent, they may be charged with Simple Assault.
This can include attempting or menacingly gesturing to apply force. In South Carolina, this type of assault is typically classified as a misdemeanor offense.

Aggravated Assault or Felony Assault

Being charged with Aggravated Assault is considered to be a more serious offense in South Carolina.
Under the charge of Aggravated Assault, one could potentially face intent to cause physical injury or actual physical injury, as well as presence of a deadly weapon.
Additionally, three levels of Sexual Assault may also be taken into consideration when determining the severity of the crime.
When facing such charges, obtaining Assault Bail Bonds in South Carolina is often a recommended option for those who can afford it.
These bonds can help mitigate the severity of the consequences one may face and potentially reduce their jail time or fines associated with these charges.

Simple Sexual Assault

Simple Sexual Assault refers to any kind of sexual activity that is carried out without the consent of a person.
When it involves weapons or the threat of injury, it is classified as Sexual Assault with a Weapon.
South Carolina has laws in place to protect individuals from these types of violent assaults and provide justice to those affected.
Additionally, if you are facing charges of sexual assault in South Carolina, you may be eligible for bail bond services from Assault Bail Bonds.
We have experienced professionals on staff who can help you through the legal process and provide support throughout.

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Aggravated Sexual Assault is considered to be a serious offense in South Carolina, and can involve extreme injuries or endangerment of the victim.
Even if they do not offer consent, intent does not have to be proven as it would in other cases.
Furthermore, all U.S states have laws addressing statutory rape; wherein someone below a certain age cannot legally provide consent for sexual intercourse.
This ensures protection for minors from actions that could cause them harm.
Assault Bail Bonds are available to those accused of Aggravated Sexual Assault in South Carolina, should they require assistance and legal representation.

– Factors that may determine the amount of an Assault Bail Bond in South Carolina:

– Past criminal record?

– Employment status?

– Close ties to community and/or family?

– Born In South Carolina?

– Failure To Appear records?

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